One-to-one Consultancy

After 15 years and many 100’s of WordPress sites I can help you in all aspects of a web project – expert advice based on your precise needs to help you design end-to-end strategies for your WordPress project, or maybe you need a quick fix for something specific?

Private one-to-one Consultancy from $45

Need some advice or feedback on your ideas, or have a problem to fix?


What Plugin should I use/is there a plugin for that – whats best for my situation?

Help fix something specific or help with site/plugin configuration

Help with slow sites and core web vitals

Discuss your ideas and offer solution to your needs

Create a full specification doc for your project including budget

Advice on any aspect of WordPress, Web Strategy, infrastructure and Web Projects in general


Most sessions completed within 48 hours

Same-day / Urgent bookings available

1 hour session $75

30 minute session $45