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Hey! I’m Jakson – WordPress junky, YouTuber and wannabe Italian. 

I make WordPress websites full-time and teach WordPress here and on YouTube – I hope I can help in your WordPress journey, whether you’re just starting out or need some new tricks.


Jakson WordPress developer

Learning how to create with WordPress can seem daunting - so what are the challenges?

Themes, Templates, Full Site Editing, Page Builders, Gutenberg – what the heck is going on here?! Yep, WordPress is a huge and glorious thing these days – where the heck are you supposed to start?

Well, this website along with my YouTube channel hopes to help you in that journey – try a site-build with one of our free courses or join our community to get your questions answered. 

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In this free WordPress course, you’ll quickly build a page that can act as a simple main site or a holding page.

Need a WordPress wingman for your mission? You’ll get instant access to the community in our private forum when you sign up – I’ll see you there!

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