I’m Back!


Hey !! 

Firstly, I like to thank you for sticking around – it’s been more than 2 years since my last Post! 

So what’s been going on? 

Well, due to some challenges on the personal side of life in the past couple of years, I was unable to continue creating content for my YouTube channel as well as WordPress theme development – very depressing stuff because making WordPress tutorials is easily one of the best things I’ve ever done.  

It was always my burning ambition to get back to that as soon as possible and the positive feedback i’ve received during my absence, and to see more and more subscribers joining my channel has kept me going.  

I’m excited to say the time has come!! 

So whats next?

OK, since the start of this year I’ve been slowly getting things organised.  I’ve rebuilt the jakson.co site into a new and free membership offering – support forums, loads of free stuff – and also I’ve been creating v2 of my WordPress Theme “Cento” plus planning and making a ton of new WordPress content for YouTube.


When I started making WordPress tutorials I realised I found a new passion – originally just a vehicle to spread the word, it turned out I loved making tutorials as much as making websites!

I’ve got a full schedule planned and in production for new and updated tutorials including: 

  • Full Site Build from a Ready-Made Demo Site Import 
  • Full Site Build from a Blank Demo Site Import 
  • The NEW and BEST way to migrate your WordPress Site 
  • Elementor Quick Tips & Secrets Series
  • Full Site Build – Real Estate
  • The Best Web Hosting for WordPress
  • Full Site Build – Membership Site
  • Full Site Build – WooCommerce Store
  • And loads and loads more!


Cento v2, my new (free!) Theme

After the Elementor Page builder was realised in 2017, I fell in love with it. It became my first choice to build client sites with.  It’s so good, it’s so very very good. 

I decided during 2018, if ever I could get back to Cento, Elementor should be the  page builder for my theme.  This would of course required a ground-up rebuild of the entire theme, but I figured it was worth doing. And so do it I did.  

It’s has all the features of v1 but in all honesty is 10 times better.  Faster, more flexible, easier to use and way more stable than v1 ever was. 

  • One Click Installs – Ready Made Sites and Blank Started Kits
  • Pages and Global Sections  can ALL be created & edited with Elementor !
  • Faster and easier to use. 


Cento v2 is free! 
I figured how can I charge for a theme mostly based on a free page builder, an open source framework and free plugins?  Of course I couldn’t.  There will be a pro, paid for version in due course but there’s no definitive roadmap or final spec for that yet. 

So right now you can can join the Jakson membership for free and get immediate access to Cento Theme. 

Well, I hope you’ll forgive the pause, but it great to be back and cant wait to get cracking with more tips, tricks and tutorials – all about WordPress!!

Ciao grazie! 


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