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I built the original Cento because I needed it.  A “WordPress Theming Kit” that was ready to go, straight  out of the box – something I could use everyday with solid core components to allow me the build sites easily & super fast.  It’s was pretty cool 🙂

I could never create a “Free” version because Cento v1 used licensed plugins that couldn’t give away for free.

Then came Elementor…

It blew the WordPress page-builder landscape apart – it was so good, unbelievably good – and and it immediately became my weapon of choice for making websites.

And if I was making websites with Elementor, I just had to make it the featured page builder of Cento Theme – it took a while, Cento v2 being re written from the ground up, but Cento now simpler to use and even more flexible  – check out the links below to learn all about Cento v2.

And v2 is Free, and will be for ever.  Yes, there will be “Pro” version at some point in the future, but no fixed date as yet – watch this space!

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